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My journey to debunk flat Earth YouTube channels started 6 years ago.  
As a scientist with college degree in Astronomy, Physics and Mathematics, I was appalled to find folks telling outright lies and presenting bad science to bolster suspicion of our known accepted reality - that the Earth is a beautiful blue globe.

For the first 3 years I left video comments showing solid scientific evidence that flat Earth is fiction.  It's based on personal religious belief and purposeful conspiracy.   There are different personal agendas at play.   During those 3 years’ channels owners deleted my proofs and eventually banned me.  They worked to keep their video comment sections "clean" of any discussion contradictory to what they wanted to present.

Then for the next 2 years I posted my video comment debug proofs on Google plus.  I wanted a forum where I could post - without being deleted by the channels I was debunking.  That worked fine for a while, but eventually I noticed that about half of my articles, even though marked as "public," were not visible because of Google plus' auto spam/editing.

So in April of this year (2017) I decided to start this new blog ( so that none of my work could be deleted anymore.
This blog clearly shows scientific proofs that debunk everything that flat Earth proponents claim.
Here we also expose the comments those YouTube video channels delete, because they don't want you to see them. 

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For the month of January 2018 our readership was up at 4,428 visitors, reading 6,246 pages - the best month yet!

The Earth is not flat.  That claim is a conspiracy theory perpetrated by ignorant people who have ulterior personal motives and agendas. 

The Earth is a beautiful blue spheroid globe spinning on an axis 23.5° once each day, and orbiting the Sun every 365.25 days.

We would appreciate your assistance in finding the true identity (real name and picture) of flat Earth posters, not already identified below.  If you have such information please email to us.  Thank you.    



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Antonio Subirats - Flat Earth: The Parallax Ladder - continues to hide real world parallax facts from his audience

Dear Antonio,

Repeating the no parallax myth over and over again does not make you right.   

We commented on your video about proven parallax measurements, and you deleted that comment.  Why?  Do you suffer from incredulity? 

Our comment…

+Antonio Subirats, get a real life bud...
The successful measurement of stellar parallax, due to the movement of the Earth in orbit around the Sun, proves that the Earth is moving thru space. 
In 1838 Friedrich Bessel successfully used the method of stellar parallax, the effect of Earth’s annual movement around the Sun, to calculate the distance to 61 Cygni, the first star other than the Sun to have its distance measured (long before the invention of computers). 
The parallax shift of about 2,500 stars have been successfully measured by telescopes on the Earth. 
The parallax shift of nearly 1-billion stars has been measure by the GAIA satellite, stationed at the L2 Lagrange point. kind regards

What is parallax?

... the effect whereby the position or direction of an object appears to differ when viewed from different positions.



Fact check:
Your statement, “Degrees are a way of disguising movement.  They express instances in time, frozen in time.”   Is BOLLOCKS.

A degree is a unit of measurement, 1/360 of a circle.

Published on – February 6, 2018

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Fact check = The Subirats Parallax Ladder – FAIL
Yours is an exercise if failed logic 


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