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My journey to debunk flat Earth YouTube channels started 6 years ago.  
As a scientist with college degree in Astronomy, Physics and Mathematics, I was appalled to find folks telling outright lies and presenting bad science to bolster suspicion of our known accepted reality - that the Earth is a beautiful blue globe.

For the first 3 years I left video comments showing solid scientific evidence that flat Earth is fiction.  It's based on personal religious belief and purposeful conspiracy.   There are different personal agendas at play.   During those 3 years’ channels owners deleted my proofs and eventually banned me.  They worked to keep their video comment sections "clean" of any discussion contradictory to what they wanted to present.

Then for the next 2 years I posted my video comment debug proofs on Google plus.  I wanted a forum where I could post - without being deleted by the channels I was debunking.  That worked fine for a while, but eventually I noticed that about half of my articles, even though marked as "public," were not visible because of Google plus' auto spam/editing.

So in April of this year (2017) I decided to start this new blog ( so that none of my work could be deleted anymore.
This blog clearly shows scientific proofs that debunk everything that flat Earth proponents claim.
Here we also expose the comments those YouTube video channels delete, because they don't want you to see them. 

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For the month of January 2018 our readership was up at 4,428 visitors, reading 6,246 pages - the best month yet!

The Earth is not flat.  That claim is a conspiracy theory perpetrated by ignorant people who have ulterior personal motives and agendas. 

The Earth is a beautiful blue spheroid globe spinning on an axis 23.5° once each day, and orbiting the Sun every 365.25 days.

We would appreciate your assistance in finding the true identity (real name and picture) of flat Earth posters, not already identified below.  If you have such information please email to us.  Thank you.    



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Calling all flat Earth adventurers - relieve your psychotic delusions and book your airline ticket to the South Pole - Its easy - Here is how

Dear Flat Earth adventurers, 

There is no more need for you to spend your nights awake and days generating conspiracy videos about what is, or is not, in Antarctica.  Now you can book an airline flight there easy peasy.  Go there yourself and relieve your mind. 

Antarctica flight herald's new era for tourism to South Pole area - 3,944 people went in 2016

By Zhu Wenqian | China Daily | Updated: 2017-12-20 08:00

A Chinese business jet landed safely at the Wolfs Fang Airport in Antarctica on Saturday night, the first time a Chinese private jet operator has operated a flight to the southernmost continent.

The aircraft, with 22 Chinese passengers onboard, flew from Hong Kong to Cape Town International Airport, and then flew to Antarctica. Next, the team will fly around five to six hours to the South Pole, and it will become the first self-organized Chinese scientific research team.

The plane, operated by Hainan Airlines, was a Deer Jet Gulfstream G650 aircraft. Deer Jet said it had planned the flight for a year, and conducted hundreds of risk tests, flight routes, flight support and emergency plans to ensure the flight could be performed safely.

Beijing-based Deer Jet, a subsidiary of Hainan Airlines, said the successful landing of the jet in Antarctica signals that the business jet sector in China has entered the market in Antarctica, and it will provide opportunities for business and leisure travelers who would like to travel to the continent.Wang Wen, a professor from Renmin University of China, who was on the flight, said the launching of a Chinese commercial flight to Antarctica will arouse the interest of Chinese tourists.

"It will also encourage more Chinese consumers to pay attention to Antarctica, in addition to the responsibilities that China should take in the continent," he said., China's largest online travel agency, said it had received an unusually large number of inquiries for its Antarctica tours this year and estimated that more than 1,000 Chinese tourists would be staying in Antarctica during the upcoming Spring Festival holiday in February.

Most trips to Antarctica cost more than 100,000 yuan ($15,152). The best season to visit the continent is usually between December and February, as it is the summer time there.

To cater to this demand, Beijing Caissa International Travel Service Co, a company in which HNA Group holds around half of the shares, said it plans to officially launch travel products to the South Pole next year.


Other folks going to the South Pole







We are not affiliated with any of the companies listed in this article.  This is just a public service message.  

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