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My journey to debunk flat Earth YouTube channels started 6 years ago.  
As a scientist with college degree in Astronomy, Physics and Mathematics, I was appalled to find folks telling outright lies and presenting bad science to bolster suspicion of our known accepted reality - that the Earth is a beautiful blue globe.

For the first 3 years I left video comments showing solid scientific evidence that flat Earth is fiction.  It's based on personal religious belief and purposeful conspiracy.   There are different personal agendas at play.   During those 3 years’ channels owners deleted my proofs and eventually banned me.  They worked to keep their video comment sections "clean" of any discussion contradictory to what they wanted to present.

Then for the next 2 years I posted my video comment debug proofs on Google plus.  I wanted a forum where I could post - without being deleted by the channels I was debunking.  That worked fine for a while, but eventually I noticed that about half of my articles, even though marked as "public," were not visible because of Google plus' auto spam/editing.

So in April of this year (2017) I decided to start this new blog ( so that none of my work could be deleted anymore.
This blog clearly shows scientific proofs that debunk everything that flat Earth proponents claim.
Here we also expose the comments those YouTube video channels delete, because they don't want you to see them. 

Thanks for visiting.

For the month of January 2018 our readership was up at 4,428 visitors, reading 6,246 pages - the best month yet!

The Earth is not flat.  That claim is a conspiracy theory perpetrated by ignorant people who have ulterior personal motives and agendas. 

The Earth is a beautiful blue spheroid globe spinning on an axis 23.5° once each day, and orbiting the Sun every 365.25 days.

We would appreciate your assistance in finding the true identity (real name and picture) of flat Earth posters, not already identified below.  If you have such information please email to us.  Thank you.    



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Chris Fritz - Flat Earth - Listen to Land Surveyors

Dear Chris Fritz,

It's unfortunate that you appear to know next to nothing about professional surveying.  That along with your personal predisposition for flat Earth belief led you to the wrong conclusions in the video.

Unfortunately, you are also a liar, since you called those companies for information with no intention of hiring them to do professional surveying for you.   

Fact check:
All 8 surveying companies that you called clearly stated that their methods take the Earth's curvature into consideration, when warranted by the topography and distance to be measured.

To start with, 30 acres of land = (1,306,800 square feet) or (0.04687 square miles) or (121,405.69267 square meters).

If your 30 acre parcel of land is square shaped, then it's dimension would be (1143.15 feet by 1143.15 feet).  1143.15 feet = .217 miles.

The Earth's curvature at .217 miles = 0.03 foot or .36 inch drop.  

Fact check:
So because the Earth's curvature (only .36 inch) is so tiny for your plot of land, all of the companies stated they do take curvature into account, but for such a small plot of land the curvature measurement is practically nill.  In that case they do straight line or flat plane geometry calculations.  

Fact check:
The main types of surveying are:
...Land surveying
...Engineering surveying
...Mining surveying
...Hydrographic surveying
...Geodetic surveying
...Photogrammetry and remote sensing 

Fact check = You FAIL
Your statement, "There should be one universal answer but they all "believe" they measure the curve when in fact they don't" - is WRONG

a) They all stated they do take into account and measure Earth curvature when warranted by the distance surveyed.  
b) Their methods do in fact measure curvature if present.  
c) "they measure the curve when in fact they don't," is your personal opinion, which is not based on fact.  

See the pictures below that explain the different types of surveying methods and techniques. 


In the US, the Bureau of Land Management has equations for dealing with the curvature that are published in the Manual of Surveying Instructions.

U.S. Department of the Interior. 2009. Manual of Surveying Instructions: For the Survey of the Public Lands of the United States. Bureau of Land Management.

Excerpt from the Manual of Surveying...

2-17. By basic law, and the Manual requirements, the historical methods and instruments used to lay out the PLSS determine the bearing at frequent intervals with reference to converging meridians. Thus, the direct survey methods and instruments used produced boundary lines run at a constant bearing and adjusted for curvature as part of running the line. In other words, the true line between two end points is precisely such a line of constant bearing and is laid out inherently by direct
methods and instruments. The distance chained was measured along the same curve, and the resultant measurement is that of the latitudinal arc distance measured at ground elevation between two points.

from (

Dutch mathematician Willebrord Snellius (a.k.a. Snel van Royen) introduced the modern systematic use of triangulation. In 1615 he surveyed the distance from Alkmaar to Breda, approximately 72 miles (116,1 kilometres). He underestimated this distance by 3.5%. The survey was a chain of quadrangles containing 33 triangles in all. Snell showed how planar formulae could be corrected to allow for the curvature of the earth.

Plane surveying assumes the earth is flat. Curvature and spheroidal shape of the earth is neglected. In this type of surveying all triangles formed by joining survey lines are considered as plane triangles. It is employed for small survey works where errors due to the earth's shape are too small to matter.

In geodetic surveying the curvature of the earth is taken into account while calculating reduced levels, angles, bearings and distances. This type of surveying is usually employed for large survey works. Survey works up to 100 square miles (260 square kilometers ) are treated as plane and beyond that are treated as geodetic. In geodetic surveying necessary corrections are applied to reduced levels, bearings and other observations.


Conclusion: The only thing this video proved is that you are ignorant of how modern surveying is done.

Get a life and move into the 21st century like the rest of the world.

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kind regards, JonahTheScientist

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Mr. Chris Fritz, who in this video announced his phone number which is 214.649.2879


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Golden Gate Bridge - extra distance "x" between the top and bottom of the span is due to Earth curvature

   Golden Gate Bridge.png

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